The Great Baseball Ride: Route 66 and Uranus.

After a great game and a great night in St. Louis we woke up rested and ready to make further headway along Route 66. There would be no baseball on this day as our next MLB stop would be in Arizona; we’d have two hotel overnights before then. Exploring the Route is all that was on the agenda. We were able to find some good Route 66 sights.  The clear cut winner of the day was……..

Uranus, MO.

There is really a lot to love about Uranus.  Uranus is surprisingly big. Uranus has dinosaurs.

Not dinosaurs

Uranus has an old fire truck. There was an old double decker bus in Uranus. 

We expected to see a lot on Rt. 66, but not Uranus.

Uranus has a bar/restaurant. Uranus has it’s own paper, the Uranus Examiner.

There is a general store in Uranus. Uranus even makes fudge. 

We were blown away with all there was to do in Uranus. Others must love Uranus too, because there were a number of other visitors that visited Uranus while we were there. We even saw people pulling RV’s into Uranus.  

Our Honda Fit in Uranus

As much as we enjoyed Uranus, we did have to leave eventually.  We decided on staying in Joplin, MO at a Microtel that evening.  The hotel smelled like mothballs, and the lighting in the hallways was a poor enough that someone that would never notice hotel lighting (me) noticed it. All that aside, the room was nice enough.  We hadn’t really eaten since breakfast, so finding food was in order before turning in. Keke loves Sonic as it reminds her of the times she would visit her Grandma in small town southern Kansas, so there we went.  This particular Sonic was outfitted with a playground that made Soren happy, also, they had food, which made the rest of us happy.  

With everyone now happy, we headed back to the hotel for the night.

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