The Great Baseball Ride

In the book The Four Hour Work Week, author Tim Ferris talks about how people think they are looking for happiness, but aren’t. He says happiness can be found in a bottle of wine, people are really looking for excitement.

Life is too short to just get up each day, sit in traffic on our way to work, then sit in our cubicle, then sit in a drive-thru line, then sit in traffic on our way back home, then sit on a couch till it’s time for bed. That’s some serious sit, and that doesn’t feel like life, it feels like existence.

We don’t want to just exist. So, over the next three months or so, we will be spending most of our time on the road pursuing the best of baseball and the best of America. We’ll do this in our six year old Honda Fit with 264,228 miles on it (how the car holds up should be an adventure in itself).

I, Cory, have been planning this trip for over five years. The trip has taken many forms (started out with us living in an RV for a year), but ultimately we settled on the current form; a family road trip to use America’s pastime to see our great country.

We are calling the trip The Great Baseball Ride and it will consist of the following:

  • At least one game in every MLB stadium.
  • The College World Series.
  • College summer league games (Northwoods and Cape Cod).
  • The Little League World Series.
  • Minor League games.
  • Town ball games.
  • The MLB Hall of Fame.
  • The Negro League Museum.
  • The Louisville Slugger Factory.
  • Field of Dreams.

In executing on this trip we’ll be on some of America’s best roads (Route 66 and Route 1 for a couple of examples), and we’ll be exploring some of the best of America.  While baseball is the catalyst, it is really about having an epic adventure with our family. Keke, Soren, and I will likely be executing the bulk of the trip together, but we hope that other family and friends will join along the way.

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