The Great Baseball Ride: Beaches and Fighter Jets.

Soren loves the beach, and we love Coronado, so we elected to go there for the day.  Coronado is an island off the coast of San Diego, connected by a bridge. It is home to beautiful beaches, beautiful homes, the historic Hotel Del Coronado, and also home to a Naval base.  Coronado is where Navy Seals become Navy Seals.  

The water was a bit chilly, but we (especially Soren) had a great time.  He’d run out with the tide, then turn and run back in as the tide turned. Watching him have so much fun is about as much joy as I can imagine having in life.

He could have done this all day.

There beach is awesome, complete with dunes with flowers growing on them. The sand looks there are little gold flecks in it. It’s not gold, but let’s just pretend it is.

Last time we were here we ended up going to this charming pizzeria; Village Pizzeria.  We enjoyed it so much we decided to go back.  

As if the beach, and the gold, and the sun, and the ocean, and the pizza, and the Navy SEALs aren’t charming enough, there are also fighter jets. On our walk back to the car, we heard the sound of freedom, this loud roar over the island, and looked up to see multiple F-18 fighter jets flying over, and ultimately landing on the Naval base.  We were back from the beach a bit, but they seemed to be flying low over it. I was picturing Maverick and Goose from Top Gun “buzzing” the beach. As a 40 year old male, I am slightly embarrassed to admit how giddy I get seeing planes like those.

We headed back to the hotel starting to feel the burn from our day.  We each take turns getting freshened up as we had a party to go to. Our friend Chris hosted a barbecue for his parents, who were in town from Minnesota, us, and his friends.  We had a great time getting to know his friends better, and enjoyed his husband Mario’s wonderful cooking.  

Tired from the sun draining us, we headed back to the Hampton Inn.  Another great day!

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