The Great Baseball Ride: We Drove Through a Tree.

“I want to go on a road trip. Just you and me. The highway, the radio, the blue sky, the back roads, and windows down. We’ll talk about everything and nothing. We’ll sing our hearts out, and we’ll make memories we’ll never forget. Just you and me.”


We continue our drive north to Seattle from the Bay Area via Route 1 and 101. We left the Ebb Tide Lodge pretty quick as the proprietors seemed nice, but the hotel was filthy.  Our king seemed barely a queen, and three in the bed was no fun. The price was right, and it was just an overnight, so we were happy to move on.  

Seen along Route 1 going north, these deer thingy’s (technical name). Not sure if they were wild, or if they were part of a farm, but they were beautiful.

Northern California and Oregon were ridiculously beautiful.  We continued up Route 1 and followed it until it was no more. 

We saw stunning coastlines, enjoyed beautiful beaches, and really dug the trips through the redwood forests.  We stopped just as Route 1 was ending at Leggett, CA, where we could drive through a redwood.

A $10 admission, a trip through a tree, and a souvenir for Soren and we were off.  Hwy 101 moved a bit faster, but the coastlines, beaches and forests were a continuous theme as we moved north.

Our Honda “Fit” just fine.

We particularly enjoyed a side road called “Avenue of The Giants.” These massive trees do a great job of making you feel small in the world.

Big Tree.

We knew Route 1 would be slower, but we didn’t realize how slow it was.  It probably took us twice as long on that route as opposed to the 5/101. It was worth it.

As we made our way into Oregon, it continued to be stunning, and the redwoods seemed to give way to evergreens.  We eventually made it to Grant’s Pass, our overnight in Oregon. The Super 8 there would be our home for the night.  It was exactly what you’d expect from a Super 8, decent, and cheap. Soren and I took a swim in a pool and hot tub that exceeded my expectations.

Once out of the pool and dried off, we headed off to dinner at a place called Taprock to celebrate Mother’s Day.  Keke is amazing. She is exactly what I wanted in a wife, and exactly what I had hoped for in a mother to our child. Soren and I are very blessed to have her.

The restaurant was very beautifully designed, with incredible attention to detail.  For example, just about every metal surface we saw (including doors) was etched with wildlife theme.

Loved the attention to detail at Taprock.

The spot had a very log cabin-y feel and we sat outside on a deck that was set right over the Rogue River. If you go, we highly recommend the mashed potatoes (don’t think I’ve every recommended mashed potatoes before).  

Soren enjoyed the local wildlife.

We are fancy people, so desert was a box of Drumsticks from the local Safeway. Full from a great meal, and tired from a long day of driving, we happily headed back to the hotel.

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