The Great Baseball Ride: Nashville Sound – Day 1.

“I believe in second chances, I believe in redemption, but, mostly, I believe in my friends.”

Superman (I think)

On the road again. It’s been around a month since we were last on a road trip on any length for baseball. That changed recently as we departed Minneapolis for Nashville for a MiLB game in Nashville. We brought a crew down for this one as we were celebrating a friends 40th birthday. They all flew, but we departed a day early via the luxury of a long road trip in a small car.

Our Honda Fit has been a trooper. No, this is not some cool vintage filter, those specks are dust.

We hate flying about as much as we love driving, so road trips are a no-brainer for us. The time spent in our car is time were we are willing captives to each other. That time restores relationships.

These kind words from Waterloo, IA.

We enjoy that time together, not just for the relationship restoration, but for the obvious joys of seeing America. You can’t get insulted by billboards via air travel.

Superman, larger in person, nice enough to pose for a picture. He’s a bit of a prima donna with the barricades if you ask us.

I suppose you could see Superman from a plane, but I don’t know anyone who ever has. Would you visit Metropolis, IL on purpose? We probably wouldn’t. That is no disrespect to Metropolis, it seemed like a lovely town, but it’s probably more of a regional destination. Some places are seen on the way to other places (we live in a place like that). But if we fly to our destination, we miss all the fun in the middle.

Keke was looking for a place to change clothes real quick. This seemed a good spot.

We ended up staying at the Super 8 Metropolis. Here’s our review: It was very Super 8’y. We got up the next day with Nashville on the brain. We were going to be arriving in town before all of our friends, so we were hoping to get some provisions. Since they’d be arriving by plane and heading to our Airbnb via Uber, we new they probably wouldn’t stop and get the necessary items you need for a vacation.

First things first.

We got no food, save for the olives needed for dirty martini’s, but I’ve heard you can survive for weeks without food, so I was sure we’d be okay. Our Airbnb was fantastic. This is the part where I would typically post a link to that Airbnb, but I can no longer find it being offered. I can say it was in Germantown and had a sick rooftop deck that was one of the deciding factors of us getting it. I can also say one day during our stay, everyone went to take a nap before going out, and I spent that time having cocktails on this fabulous rooftop. That was the only measurable time anyone spent on the rooftop the entire stay. Also, as a public service, since I can’t find the actual spot we stayed, I will also say that on Airbnb, there are a number of awesome houses available. We didn’t feel the need to stay right downtown, but a five minute Uber ride served us well.

After settling in to the rental and getting the necessities set up, Keke and headed out to our Nashville Sounds game. Post to follow.

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